Covid-19 Information and Updates - Updated 6 January 2021

To reduce the number of face-to-face interactions with the community and protect our staff and their ability to carry out ongoing essential services, the Derwent Valley Council Offices are open to the public from 10am - 4pm from Monday 24 August for essential visits only.

Council operating hours are still 8.15am – 5pm (Mon - Fri) and Council services can be accessed over the phone, by email or via our website. We encourage all enquiries by phone or email where possible.

Information on the Tasmanian Government and Council's response to COVID-19.

This information includes support available to individuals, business and community organisations including grant funding and mental health support and where to access further information around the pandemic and Council services.

Please stay home, save lives. Practise social distancing and good hygiene practises.

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Permits and Applications

Please note, there have been some changes to expiry dates of building and plumbing permits. All permits issued between 1994 and 2012 that have not been finalised will now expire on 1 July 2020 unless the expiry date has been extended. Permits issued after 28 November 2012 that have not been finalised will expire on the date specified in the permit unless extended.

For more information, please see the FAQs below and refer to the Expiry of Permits Fact Sheet from the Tasmanian Consumer, Building and Occupational Services.

To check if finalisation or extension of your building permit is required, contact your building surveyor. To check the status of a plumbing permit, contact Derwent Valley Council on 03 6261 8500.

Please call Council on (03) 6261 8500 to see if your permits are completed.

There are three options available to you.

  1. Complete the plumbing/building/demolition work prior to 1 July 2020
  2. Apply to the Permit Authority at Council to extend the permit, or
  3. Allow the permit to expire. If you allow the permit to expire you need to make yourself aware of the impacts. See below for more detail.

To extend a Plumbing Permit or a Building Permit you must apply to the Permit Authority at Council and the cost is $136 for each. This will extend the permit for one year.

Application must be made on the relevant Approved Form from CBOS. See Forms 76 A B and C.

You will need to apply to the Permit Authority at Council at least 7 days prior to the 1 July 2020.

You must have a plumbing permit completed.

Depending on your building you may need to provide documentation including manufacturers details (for example roof trusses), Waterproof membrane (for example bathrooms and shoers) or engineer details (for example steel beams).

You will need to then book a final inspection with Council (Permit Authority) by calling 03 6261 8500.

If your permit expires and further work is required to continue on the site, a new permit is required.

A new permit will be assessed under the current building standards. Any work done without a valid permit is illegal building work and under the Building Act 2016 Council is required to initiate enforcement.

If you carry out work without a permit, a Building Notice or Order may be issued which will lead to demolition or a Permit of Substantial Compliance being necessary, increased fees apply to this application process and the possibility of an Infringement Notice being issued. This also encumbers the property, which means any future potential purchasers will be advised that the work was commenced outside of the required permit process.