Covid-19 Information and Updates - Updated 6 January 2021

To reduce the number of face-to-face interactions with the community and protect our staff and their ability to carry out ongoing essential services, the Derwent Valley Council Offices are open to the public from 10am - 4pm from Monday 24 August for essential visits only.

Council operating hours are still 8.15am – 5pm (Mon - Fri) and Council services can be accessed over the phone, by email or via our website. We encourage all enquiries by phone or email where possible.

Information on the Tasmanian Government and Council's response to COVID-19.

This information includes support available to individuals, business and community organisations including grant funding and mental health support and where to access further information around the pandemic and Council services.

Please stay home, save lives. Practise social distancing and good hygiene practises.

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Lost Dogs

The Dog Control Act 2000 states that all dogs in Tasmania are to be kept under effective control and that they do not cause a nuisance. U nder this law an owner or the person in charge of a dog can be held responsible for the actions of a dog in their care.

What to do if your dog is lost?

  • search your local area;
  • contact your local Veterinarians;
  • Tasmanian Lost Pet Register (Facebook).

If your dog has been in an accident it may have been taken to the Vet. Many Vets keep a lost dog register and will contact you if someone reports finding a dog like yours. 

  • contact the Lost Dogs Home.

Your dog may have been rescued by the Municipal Inspector and taken to the pound for safe keeping.  The Municipal Inspector may know the whereabouts of your dog if it has been found by some other person.  If your dog is not at the pound leave a clear description of the dog and your details so that if the dog is found the Council can contact you.

  • contact your Council;
  • advertise in the paper, on the radio, at shopping centres;
  • do not just wait for it to come back;
  • use social media.

You dog may be injured, may enter premises where it is not allowed to be, or it may have been taken to the pound.