Covid-19 Information and Updates - Updated 6 January 2021

To reduce the number of face-to-face interactions with the community and protect our staff and their ability to carry out ongoing essential services, the Derwent Valley Council Offices are open to the public from 10am - 4pm from Monday 24 August for essential visits only.

Council operating hours are still 8.15am – 5pm (Mon - Fri) and Council services can be accessed over the phone, by email or via our website. We encourage all enquiries by phone or email where possible.

Information on the Tasmanian Government and Council's response to COVID-19.

This information includes support available to individuals, business and community organisations including grant funding and mental health support and where to access further information around the pandemic and Council services.

Please stay home, save lives. Practise social distancing and good hygiene practises.

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Moving into the Tasmanian Planning Scheme

The Tasmanian Government is reforming the State’s planning system by introducing a single planning scheme for the State, known as the Tasmanian Planning Scheme (TPS). The TPS will consist of two parts, being the:

  • The State Planning Provisions (SPPs); and
  • The Local Provisions Schedule (LPS).

State Planning Provisions

The SPPs are designed to provide a consistent set of planning rules across the state and make provision for 23 zones and 16 codes which are to be applied by local councils. The zones indicate what type land uses and development are appropriate within each zone. The codes provide additional requirements for dealing with development on land which may be affected by natural hazards, local heritage values etc or development which requires the provision of car parking, new road access etc.

Local Provisions Schedule

The LPS is intended to apply the SPPs while providing a local context. Councils are required to amend their zone maps, in order to implement the new suite of zones found within the SPPs. The proposed zone maps are largely a translation from the current Derwent Valley Interim Planning Scheme. In terms of re-zoning, Council is constrained by the guidelines provided by the Tasmanian Planning Commission (TPC), known as Guideline No. 1 – Local Provisions Schedules (LPS): Zone and Code Application.

Process for implementation

Council endorsed the draft LPS at the Council meeting on the 24 July 2019. Before submitting the draft LPS to the TPC for consideration and public exhibition, Council conducted information sessions throughout August. The information sessions helped provide a background to the process and ensure the community understands the planning reforms prior to the public exhibition phase commencing.

Check the proposed zoning for your property here.


Once the draft LPS is submitted to the TPC, Council will need to wait for the TPC to undertake a formal review of the submitted LPS and then direct Council that the draft LPS be placed on public exhibition. The timeframe for this to occur is currently not known. Once the timing of the exhibition period is known it will be noted here and broadly advertised.

Further information

More information on the Tasmanian Planning Scheme (SPPs and LPPs) can be obtained from:

View a copy of the LPS supporting report that was endorsed at the Council meeting on the 24 July 2019.

View a copy of the Zone conversion summary.