Roadside Mowing Program

Each year, the roadside slashing and mowing program is undertaken over a four month window commencing late November, through until April. This is subject to resources, breakdowns, weather, mandatory cease work due to high fire danger, etc.

The major rural roads of Lachlan Rd, Glenora Rd, and Molesworth Road are undertaken first, followed by the areas listed below, subject to growth and conditions. If weather or growth conditions are different to what we expect based on previous years, we may change the order we do these in to accommodate.

  • Granton
  • Molesworth area
  • New Norfolk area
  • Lachlan area
  • Magra area
  • Black Hills area
  • Glen Fern area
  • Mt Lloyd area
  • Bushy Park area
  • Westerway / National Park
  • Maydena
  • Plenty area

If your area is not listed here, or you feel a particular roadside needs to be looked at sooner, please complete our Customer Feedback Form call us on 6261 8500 or email with details of where it is and why it needs to be looked at urgently.