News from the November Council Meeting

30th November 2021
In the November Council Meeting, the Council discussed and voted on a number of items, including Performance Improvement Direction, Community Engagement Policy and Framework, Review of Special Committees Project and Council Meeting Schedule 2022.

In news from the November Council Meeting, the Council discussed and voted on a number of items, including:

Performance Improvement Direction

A Report was made to update the councillors and community on the determination of the Minister of Local Government in relation to the Performance Improvement Direction on Councillor Paul Belcher.

The Performance Improvement Direction is issued on the grounds that Councillor Belcher failed to comply with his obligations under the Act by failing to comply with the Code of Conduct and by failing to observe the legislated requirements of all other food business operators in the Derwent Valley municipality.

The Council noted this report and, as per the Minister’s advice, the letter and Performance Improvement Direction will be noted at the next full Council meeting.

Community Engagement Policy and Framework

The Council noted feedback received during the 42-day public comment period and adopted the Community Engagement Policy and Community Engagement Framework.

The Community Engagement Policy and Framework will provide the basis and rigor for communicating decisions, sharing perspectives, improving transparency, and building trust between Council the community and other partners.

View Community Engagement Policy

View Community Engagement Framework 

Review of Special Committees Project

The Review of Special Committees Project aimed to identify a new governance structure that aligns to all of Council’s strategies and provides a contemporary approach to engaging the community in the future of the region, with a model that is proportional to the resources of Council.

A motion to Council was approved to:

  • note the findings and observations of the Review of Special Committee reports
  • complete the establishment of the Advisory Bodies and Councillor portfolio governance structure in line with the good governance principles published by the Local Government Division by June 2022
  • consult on the preferred model of governance utilising Council’s Community Engagement Framework and have a Terms of Reference for Advisory Bodies and a Volunteer Policy by March 2022
  • formally acknowledge and thank all members of the Special Committees, past and present, for their voluntary contributions to the Derwent Valley community over the years;
  • disestablish Council's Special Committees; and
  • increase the community grants pool by $10,000 annually for three years to assist (via application to the fund) community groups originating from former special committees to become independent incorporated associations.

The full motion, findings and associated reports can be found in the Minutes from this meeting at the link below.

Council Meeting Schedule 2022

Council adopted a forward schedule of dates and times for the next twelve months for Council meetings which can be found here.

Access the Unconfirmed Minutes and Audio Recording of the Council meeting here.