Dog Registration

Dogs must be registered with the Council when they reach 6 months of age. A form (Application for Registration) must be lodged with the Council where you reside each year. Renewal notices are sent out by the Council annually.

You must notify Council within 14 days of:-

Why does the Council need the information it’s requested?

The information that you provide will help to reunite dogs with owners if they stray from your property. Information including the owner’s details, dog breed, microchip number and proof of sterilisation are requirements under the Dog Control Act 2000.

The information that you provide to the Council is managed in accordance with Personal Information Protection Act 2004.

It’s important to update your details with the Council regularly. It is also a requirement under the Dog Control Act 2000 that the Council is notified of your dog’s death, loss, removal or transfer to another municipal area with 14 days.

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