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Ordinary meetings of Council are held on the third Thursday of each month unless noted otherwise.  Meetings are held at the Court House, Circle Street, New Norfolk, commencing at 6.30pm unless noted otherwise.  The public is invited to attend any or all of the above meetings. Agendas are available at the Council office on the Friday prior to the date of the meeting.

Please note that the Minutes of the previous months Council meeting will not be uploaded to our web page untill they have been confirmed at the next meeting of Council. 

Public Open Sessions will be held at 6.00pm prior to the commencement of all Ordinary Council Meetings.

If you have any questions regarding Council's Agendas and Minutes please contact the Executive Assistant at mpearce@dvc.tas.gov.au or telephone (03) 6261 8512.

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December 13 2018
.pdf 13 December 2018 - Agenda Agendas
.pdf 13 December 2018 - Attachment A for Agenda Item 10.1 Agenda Attachments
.pdf 13 December 2018 - AGM Agenda Annual General Meeting
.pdf 13 December 2018 - Annual Report 2017/2018 Annual General Meeting
.pdf 13 December 2018 - Financial Statement Annual Report 2017/2018 Annual Report
December 6 2018
.pdf 6 December 2018 - Special Unconfirmed Minutes Minutes
.mp3 6 December 2018 - Special Open Meeting Audio Recording Open Meeting Audio Recordings
.pdf 6 December 2018 - Attachment A for Item 3.1 Special Council Meeting - Attachments
.pdf 6 December 2018 - Attachment B for Item 3.1 Special Council Meeting - Attachments
.pdf 6 December 2018 - Special Ordinary Council Meeting Special Council Meeting Agenda
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Derwent Valley Council
The Derwent Valley Municipal area is characterised by its ever growing rural townships, green hills and river valley environment. Major features of the Derwent Valley municipality include its land and fresh water resources.
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