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Millbrook Rise RV Stop Over Area

Council opened the Millbrook Rise RV Stop Over area on Friday 7 December 2018.

The area is provided for use by fully self-contained RVs for a cumulative maximum of 14 days/nights within a 90 day/night period. Other forms of camping are not permitted at the site.

The Millbrook Rise RV stopover area is provided free of charge by Council, users should ensure they abide by the rules posted around the site and do not abuse the privilege.

• Please ensure all waste is managed appropriately. The toilets are not to be used for cleaning utensils or bathing
• A tap is available for rinsing food utensils, adjacent to the toilets
• Collect your rubbish and take it with you when you leave
• Fires are not to be lit at this site
• Animals are to be kept under control at all times
• RVs are to be parked in the designated fenced area only and are not to be parked in the immediate area around the boat ramp.

This area will be patrolled regularly by Council staff. Anyone found not abiding by these rules or overstaying the 14 night maximum will be asked to move on.

There is a public dump point in Page Avenue, New Norfolk. There is no dump point at Millbrook Rise.

Visitors and tourists not in self-contained vehicles (eg camper vans, tents) and RV users who wish to stay for longer than 14 days are directed to the Caravan Park. 

New Norfolk Caravan Park, adjacent to the Esplanade is centrally located and provides:-

• Access to nearby medical facilities, a pharmacy, a dump point and general shopping area;
• Access to potable water;
• Provision of appropriate parking; and
• is located nearby the Visitor Information Centre and vehicle service centre.

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